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Sales promotions are the incentives & rewards a company offers to get customers to buy today rather than tomorrow. These should not be confused with digital marketing or advertising as the latter is more of a long-term strategy that moulds the attitude of the market towards your brand. Today, a majority of brand managers rely on sales promotion to achieve their targeted sales quotas.

This yields quicker and more measurable results in sales, in comparison to advertising. A  promotion strategy is also called transaction marketing and is used to bring in more immediate results. Search Locol offers very comprehensive sales growth promotion strategies and plans. Based on your specific requirement, we mix-and-match and offer you a tailor-fit solution.

It takes experience to know which strategy will work best in a certain situation. We also record and review all the results and this helps in improving the sales efficiency of your company, over a period of time. Business promotions could be directed at consumers, retailers, as well as the company’s sales force:

Sales Promotions in New York
Promotions by Search Locol
  • Rebates, coupons, price packs, contests, warranties and product demonstrations are all attraction points for consumers
  • Retailers tend to work harder if you offer them free goods, display allowances, advertising and price-offs
  • Contests that offer prizes for excellent performance act as a catalyst for your company’s salesforce

Most companies have an in-house sales specialist. We work in tandem with that person or team and chalk-out strategies based on their prior experiences with a certain market while launching a product or service. We add our insight and knowledge and create game plans that reap results. There is another angle to marketing promotion which we always like to keep in view. Marketing promotions can increase sales, but if they are not handled expertly, you can lose money on them.

There are times when a new launch will attract new customers. It might be in the form of a product sampling and customers might be attracted to the new product in droves. Our skill lies in turning these “curious” customers into your brand loyalists. The one way to do this is to combine advertising and  promotion in 30:70 ratios.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules but the key lies in customization. We use advertising to explain why the customer should buy your product and then with the business promotion strategy, we provide them the incentive in order buy it. Call Search Locol at 1-855-273-4247 for a potent combination of digital marketing, advertising and effective promotion in New York, NY.  Contact US