Online Branding Experts with Search Locol

If your business relies on the leads from your official website, then having a strong online presence is actually your brand. Online branding is crucial for companies that rely largely on digital marketing for selling their products/services. Customers are looking at your site, reading the information you have there and also scrutinizing the reputation that you have built to support your online image.

In today’s digital era, Internet is king and 80% of search results on the World Wide Web are controlled by Google. As a rule, search engines reward brands that people find valuable. Just having a live website is not enough to be “found”. Your focus point should be to create an impacting impression on first-time visitors to your site, even as you continue with keeping your long-time customers engaged.

Creating a strong online brand and maintaining it at optimum levels is no mean task. Search Locol has 15 years of experience with Digital Marketing and internet branding and we ensure that there are no flaws in your brand and that it maintains its magnetism and attractiveness. We do this by:

Online Branding from Search Locol

  • Testimonials – We add a variety of functionality to your website where customers are able to leave comments and reviews. Testimonials add substance to your brand and a great deal of credibility to your business
  • Press and Publications – We ensure that all the relevant links to publications about your brand and products are positioned visibly under “Recent Press” or a “Recent Mentions” tabs. Third party testimonials are a great way of building legitimacy and are a key factor in creative branding.
  • Recognition – We will also strategically place all awards and recognitions that your products/services/business has received, on your website. All of these are an indication of brand excellence.
  • Social Stats – Adding social stats via Plugins or widgets to your site is a great way of displaying positive engagement on social media. This can definitely make your brand more popular.

Search Locol approaches marketing branding with a very broad perspective and we speak to your audience in simple language. We ensure not to fill your website with any industry jargon. Creating a strong online brand requires skill.

With our vast experience and talent of web designers, Search Locol ensures that web branding is not left to chance and that the right mix of strategy and positioning will keep your brand in the mind of your existing and prospective customers. Call us at 1-855-273-4247 for online branding consultant in New York, NY.